These are some of the talented folks I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with:

Freeform Solutions
“We help not-for-profit organizations use technology to build their capacity and increase their effectiveness.”

Growth Route
“Market breakthroughs for start ups and new products.”

Intrigue Media
“We are here to help business grow.”

Kabisa International
“Exploring social innovation. We work to incite positive change in a world full of landscapes that look different every day. Helping you navigate the shoals with solid research, significant dialogue and creative solutions that build a better world.”

Luis A. Garcia
“I aim to use design as a tool to create sustainable products that will improve the lives of people living in adverse conditions.”

“Creating your digital presence.”

Northern Village
“Northern Village specializes in creating accessible, affordable, easy to edit, custom-designed websites.”

River Road Creative
“Specializing in communications and marketing.”

Torpedo Creative Group Inc.
“Everything is possible. We are a multi-disciplined, full service creative house.”