Know how to fold ’em

foldedbirdOver at the they have cool ideas and templates for deciding how to fold your printed project. It’s a great place to get creative folding inspiration if you’re planning to make a brochure but don’t want the same-old-same-old or if you have specific or unusual folding needs.

For graphic designers, it’s also a community and a resource for “folding compensation mathematics, animated folding illustrations, naming and numbering conventions, considerations, and a levels system for budgetary guidance.

Trish Witkowski, the resident Chief Folding Fanatic, says her passion for folding came about when, as a designer, she couldn’t get proper templates for intricately folded print pieces. She says:

My frustration (and curiosity) turned into a 7-year research project, working with some of the most respected binderies and printers in the U.S. and Canada to document all of the brochure folds I could find. The result was an 850-page book about folding, and a big fat printing industry award for creating the FOLDRite system—a system that standardizes file creation for folded materials.

Of course, according to me, if you go anywhere on her site, go straight to the other folding stuff where ‘the goofing off’ happens. There you will find links to free paper toys and origami sites and folding projects and clever videos and fun facts about the world of folding.

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