Astonishing Italian-designed space saving furniture

Technically this falls under the purview of industrial designers, not graphics. But it’s so beautifully designed that I couldn’t resist sharing it. The design is fresh, clean, efficient.

The simplicity and cleverness of the space saving is remarkable. For example, the beds are ingenious (I’ve never seen a murphy bed that could fold down with loose items stacked on a front-mounted shelf staying in place all the way down — magic!), but they look a little insubstantial, reminiscent of a camp bed or cot. Perfect for people with no time to lay around in bed, or if you want to be able to sleep 20 guests in style in a studio apartment.

I watched the entire six minutes with interest and ongoing wonder at what they might pull out of the wall next.


Resource Furniture, who is importing the line from Italy, apparently has a Toronto location!

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