I think of design as the interdependent play of graphic elements. The ‘parts’ – line, shape, colour, space and words – are brought together to create the ‘whole’ meaning and sensibility. Great design is evocative, clear and gets out of its own way. It is a container that holds and conveys meaning – from the boldest, most direct, literal statement to the subtlest stroke of innuendo.

My workstyle is intuitive. Even the most mundane of marketing materials, for me, is a chance to play, to create, to position and explore, until the elements appear to resolve themselves. ‘Self-taught by others’ over 18 years of working at various jobs that involved press and digital printing, design, desktop publishing and marketing, I stepped out on my own as Mere Name Design in February of 2008.

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“Heather performed the design work for our trade show display and for handout materials. In spite of a very tight timeframe, she was able to provide us with exactly what we needed with creativity, patience, and a resourceful, can-do attitude. The visual flair of the final product received strong accolades from our entire team. She also recommended top-notch local partners for printing, and we were delighted with the finished product. Five stars!”

Alex Chapman | Director, Sales & Marketing
Guelph Solar


“Heather has an exceedingly fine eye for finding the moment when a visual graphic comes together and meets your needs. She’s got enough of the perfectionist in her to drive her to excel in her work and art, but enough of a heart to make it a very pleasant and engaging experience.”

Ellen Kupp | Senior Partner
Kabisa International

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